Guests from Outwith Scotland

The ASSC has today received reassurance from the Scottish Government regarding guests from outwith Scotland.

“Thank you for your correspondence of 01 July to Fergus Ewing, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Tourism in relation to your concerns about the quarantine restrictions for English visitors coming to Scotland and its effect on the tourism industry. I am responding on his behalf.

“We would agree that our UK market represents a significant proportion of the visitors Scotland welcomes each year. We fully appreciate how important this market is and can confirm that right now we have no plans to introduce quarantine for people coming to Scotland from other parts of the UK. However, the First Minister did say that she would not rule out that if we do see an ongoing divergence between infection levels in Scotland and the rest of the UK, we would need to consider how we mitigate that. We will continue to be guided by the most up to date expert scientific advice.

“The Scottish Government is keen for businesses to start operating again and our current position is that holiday travel is allowed. We note that there has been some negative attention on this in the media however it is our view that at present, that there is no need for concern and that Scotland is open to receive visitors if they are willing to follow the guidelines in place.

“There is currently nothing to prevent people from other parts of the UK visiting or travelling through Scotland. We ask all travellers and prospective holiday makers to use good judgement regarding where they should travel to and when. If anyone is travelling over the border into Scotland they should be following the guidance on how to stay safe here; this is available on the Scottish Government and NHS Inform websites.

I hope this clarification provides some reassurance.”