Survey: Economic Conditions for Scotland’s Tourism Industry

The Scottish Tourism Alliance has launched its most comprehensive study into economic conditions for Scotland’s tourism industry.

The Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA), the leadership body representing Scotland’s tourism industry has launched its most comprehensive study into the challenges and opportunities for the sector ahead of this year’s tourist season with a survey which can be completed here.

The in-depth survey serves as an economic pulse check to gain further insights into the current and future commercial viability of Scotland’s tourism businesses, looking through the lens of the cost-of-living crisis and the impact which rising energy costs are having on the sector.

This survey is for all sizes and types of Tourism and Hospitality businesses.

Questions focus on challenges around staffing and recruitment, where businesses are on their journey towards Net Zero, what policies are helping or hindering recovery for the sector, current and future bookings from an international and domestic perspective, global competitiveness and where businesses are in relation to recovery.

There are options throughout the survey to add concerns by opting for ‘Other’ in the survey. This is where you might add you own personal concerns about Short-Term Let Licensing and Planning Control Area Legislation, or anything else. 

Scotland’s Tourism Strategy ‘Scotland Outlook 2030’ was launched just a few weeks prior to the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020; the vision of that strategy remains – ‘Scotland will be the leaders in 21st century tourism’ and this ambition continues to propel our activities and focus through recovery.

It is so important for the STA, and all tourism stakeholders, to glean an accurate picture of the industry to enable us to influence change and steer the sector on the right path to realising our tourism strategy vision and we would ask that all tourism businesses complete the survey. The survey will run for three weeks.

This will become a quarterly survey and used to inform the STA’s regular conversation with UK and Scottish Government Ministers.

The survey has 40 questions and will take around 20 minutes to complete.

Please note that survey responses are anonymous.

This is what is needed to bring about supportive policy change – without your views and evidence the journey to doing that is much longer and harder, so thank you in advance.

You can complete the survey here.